ARCAN Update

green earth with hands-3This article is the second in a series of three articles written by a member of The Arcan Communications Committee.The first article , written by Cora Shebib sc Associate, was circulated to the Atlantic Religious Congregations and Associates Network(ARCAN) in the fall of 2015. This article repeats some of Cora’s reflection, takes a brief look at ARCAN’S beginnings and shares with you the fruits of the October,2015 meeting at The Barat Residence,Sacred Heart Convent, Halifax ,N.S.

ARCAN first met in the CND’s Stella Maris Convent in Pictou , N.S. in 2002.The following congregations and associates were represented at that first meeting:PEI Marthas, Antigonish Marthas, CND’S, SCIC,Saint John, SC, Halifax, Assumption Sisters,Yarmouth,and Filles de Jesus, Moncton. Thirteen years later at our October,2015 meeting five congregations of religious and associates were represented, CSM PEI, CSM Antigonish, SC Halifax, ,Mercy N’fld and RCSJ, Halifax and representing the CND’S are two Associate co- directors. Might this be the future of other associates’ groups? Continue reading

A Trip to Denver and Beyond

Four Sisters of St. Martha and  a couple of Martha Associtates attended the Vicentian Family Gathering in Denver, Colorado, October 23-25, 2015.  The theme was: Going Deeper: Building Community and Collaborating for Systemic Change around Homelessness. Mike Finifan from the Sydney Associate group attended the gathering and wrote the following article on his experience. 

Martha Associate Mike Finigan travelling to the Vincentian Family Gathering in DenverMartha Associate Mike Finigan travelling to the Vincentian Family Gathering in Denver

It’s Monday, October 26, 2015 and the people who run the Double Tree Hilton Hotel on East Orchard Road in Denver Colorado are carrying on their business like nothing happened on the weekend. The people who met for the Vincentian Family Gathering too all packed their bags and headed for the airport to fly home to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Kansas City, Washington, Tampa, Vancouver, Halifax, Sydney… and many points in between, to go back to business as usual. Like nothing happened.

But something did happen.

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Glace Bay Associates

Glace Bay 2015 (3)The Glace Bay group met on Sunday, October 18, 2015. All seven were there. David and Paula Nearing, Marggie Turnbull, Linda Mc Neil, Ken Mac Adam, Joanne Crosby and Kathy MacDonald.Glace Bay 2015 (2)

David lead us in Prayer and sharing. We shared about Donna Marinelli and how she influenced us.

We all answered the NACAR survey which is sent in the mail to all the coordinators to give to the  Associates.Glace Bay 2015 (1)

We agreed to read the Sycamore for next Meeting and be ready to share something that struck them.

We met at the Nearings and everyone brought goodies.

Sister Claudette Gallant

Fall Retreat at Bethany

The Sisters of St. Martha recently hosted their annual fall retreat for sisters and associates and this year’s retreat presenter was Sheila O’Handley. Sheila is a Hermit and lives at a beautiful Hermitage in Newfoundland, a Place of Solitude & Prayer.

The theme or our retreat was ‘My Shadow…. My Other Self’. Our time was spent in reflection and silence and after each input session we were invited to work on the process of finding our ‘shadow selves.’ It was a wonderful weekend retreat that both challenged and gave us all food for thought.

As some may know, I was invited to attend this weekend again this year, to give a presentation at the closing gathering with information on NACAR (North American Conference of Associates & Religious) highlighting on our role and activities this past year plus our upcoming 20th Anniversary, the CARA study, and various surveys/results from our membership. I closed with an invitation to check out our active NACAR website plus past and present copies of The Associate.

As this special prayer filled weekend ended, we left with our hearts burning and a deeper love of our God, ourselves and one another.

Submitted by Peggy Madigan

Associate Gathering in the West!

Here are a few photos from the gathering at Martha Retreat Centre in Lethbridge!

Associate Gathering East 2015

A few photos from the Martha Associate gathering in the East!

Associates Group Sharing of the Direction Statement of 2015

candle and key2As of Thursday, April 16, as Director of the Associates, I have visited each one of the Associate Groups and facilitated the Direction Statement from our 2015 Chapter. It has been a wonderful experience to see the enthusiasm and hear the sharing. We began with reflection and sharing from the Marthas Vision, Mission and Values, as a background for the Direction Statement. More time was then given for the Direction Statement where both the Sisters and Associates shared their reflection. It was clear that we have five years to continue to break open the Word given to us at Chapter and this evening was hopefully one of many to help us live more deeply into the Statement as time moves on.

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