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FEBRUARY 6, 2019

December and January were cancelled because of weather and other engagements for members.

February meeting took place Wednesday February 6, 2019 at 2:30pm. with 13 members present. Following welcome by Coordinator Lola Tobin the meeting opened with a prayer by Georgie Edwards.

A memorial service for our deceased members then took place. As each deceased member was called one of the Associates lit a candle and placed it on the table by the deceased member’s name. We concluded by all singing the hymn… May the Blessing of the Lord be upon You…

New Business: Next meeting will be held Wednesday March 6, 2019. At 1:pm. The guest speaker will be our Associate Director, Julia Townsend. She will give her Director’s presentation and annual report.

Our guest speaker today is Father Varghese Puthuparampil, a religious priest and a member of India Mission Society (IMS) He spoke on the Synoptic Gospels and the Discipleship of Jesus. (summary attached).He was most interesting, informative and presented the group with new insights on Jesus, his mission and our mission as followers of “the Way”. Sister Maria Lawrence thanked him and presented Father with an appreciation gift. Meeting closed with the Associate prayer and Father said grace. A delicious meal (belated Christmas meal) was enjoyed by all during a social hour


Icy and foggy, sleety and smoggy, snowy, blowy and bone-chilly-nasty.  All these elements coupled with that warm and gracious welcome by the Sisters could not keep twenty three people from attending our third Thursday of the month Associates meeting held at the Retreat Center.

Gathering together in Chapel, Irene and Harry deftly guided us along through prayer, petition and song. Moving into the big room we then heard from our guest James Spiess, high school teacher from Lethbridge Catholic Central, who articulated his gratitude for our donations directed towards their hamper project which gifted sixty nine needy families at Christmas time. Clearly everyone benefited from this blessed Yuletide event of love, generosity and support.


Having read Chapter Two from the Holy Father’s document Rejoice and Be Glad, Caroline took charge of the discussion which included topics like Pelagianism, Gnosticism, God’ s grace and gifts and our life long progress along the path to holiness. And by acclamation, Miss Caroline will also lead next month’s discussion on Chapter Three!

Meeting concluded with savory snacks provided by Mary Frances and Mary Ann.

For our February meeting, Kathy Gillis will provide chapel prayer and Joan and Romano, Karen and Peter are in charge of lunch.

Sydney Martha Associates

Greetings from the Sydney group!  We just ended another good year and again we wonder where the time went.  It seems like we just got started.  But it was a good year that began with the retreat in September and sped right by October into November where we met and listened to our coordinator Julia Townsend tell us (and show us) of her travels to workshops in the US (Cincinnati, Ohio), and to the Martha Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta.  And then we were enjoying our Christmas supper in December at HERS in Sydney.  The name HERS stands for “Hands Earning Respect for Self”. It is a project of the Every Woman’s Centre. At HERS, women living on a low income are provided with the opportunity to work together in a non-traditional work environment to help: Increase social connections and support, Improve quality of life, Increase employability skills, earn income in the form of goods and services, and work in a community kitchen.  The setting is homey and the food delish!  We had a fine meal for the second Christmas in a row there.

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Glace Bay and Area Martha Associates May 2018 Meeting

Our May Meeting opened at the home of David and Paula Nearing. Special guest for the session was Father Ray Huntley. Father Ray opened with a scriptural passage which we contemplated and discussed which then led our discussion on L’Arche and the early works of Jean Vanier.

From left to right; Ken MacAdam, Linda MacNeil, Sr. Claudette Gallant, Joanna Crosby, Sylvia Chiasson, Fr. Ray Huntley, David Nearing.

Father Ray spoke of his upbringing in the Town of Sydney Mines, stating that parents made sure that he and his siblings were aware of people experiencing poverty, disabilities, or culturally differences,  highlighting that we are all children of God and share in His love..  Through these differences, they began to see many treasures…

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Martha Associates Meeting – May 9, 2018

We started the meeting with a check-in from everyone.  On the whole we’re all good –knock on wood.

Terry led the group in saying the Rosary as our opening prayer and afterwards Sister Dorothy sang a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria in Mi’kmaq.

Then we moved on to business matters and decided to donate the social justice fund to Mass for Shut-Ins.  And we talked about our then upcoming appearance on Mass for Shut-Ins on May 16 (which went wonderfully).

We talked about the annual retreat coming up September 15th at the new Martha Place, where Sr. Jovita MacPherson will give the retreat whose theme will be “Embraced in Love: the many faces of hospitality.”

Julia gave a report from Martha Place and distributed pictures of the scene at the new chapel there, which is a divided painting of a scene as it would look outside the building onto the landscape beyond the building.  As though one were looking through a set of windows.

Julia brought beads and holy water from Lourds, France and we all were able to bless ourselves with it.

After this we watched an interesting YouTube video of Fr. James Martin talking about Lourds and St. Bernadette.