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Associates Group Sharing of the Direction Statement of 2015

candle and key2As of Thursday, April 16, as Director of the Associates, I have visited each one of the Associate Groups and facilitated the Direction Statement from our 2015 Chapter. It has been a wonderful experience to see the enthusiasm and hear the sharing. We began with reflection and sharing from the Marthas Vision, Mission and Values, as a background for the Direction Statement. More time was then given for the Direction Statement where both the Sisters and Associates shared their reflection. It was clear that we have five years to continue to break open the Word given to us at Chapter and this evening was hopefully one of many to help us live more deeply into the Statement as time moves on.

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associates candle 005bThe “SCRIPTURE and PRAYER” radio program was the inspiration of Mary MacDonnell of New Glasgow who was a member of the Legion of Mary, as well as, a Martha Associate of Christ the King Parish. For the last 25 years since her passing two of the Trenton Associates have carried on composing and broadcasting this program — Frances Roussy and Shirley vanRyswyk.

It lasts 3-5 minutes which includes a short Scripture passage taken from that Sunday’s Gospel followed by a Reflection, a Prayer, a  Prayer Intention for the week, an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be ending with a Thought for the week.

You are invited to join us in prayer from September to June every Sunday morning immediately following the  8 O’clock News on 94.1 FM-CKEC New Glasgow.

Shirley van Ryswyk
Martha Assocaite
Christ the King, Trenton