Associate Retreat in Lethbridge, Alberta (September 23-25, 2016)

At the end of September, our Lethbridge Associate members linked together with those from Calgary for our annual retreat. Sisters Theresa, Josie and Josephine took charge of the Friday evening session with their usual warmth of welcome,  prayer, song and reflection. How fortunate we were to have Sister Marion Sheridan as our retreat presenter! Having faithfully served as the NGO liaison representative at the UN for the past thirteen years, she shared some of her vast knowledge and anecdotal experiences in a number of very interesting lectures and made us more aware of that vast organization’s inner workings, its goals, targets, successes, failures and the ongoing multiple and complex challenges therein. Following are some Associates comments flowing from the weekend:

  • surprised at the religious involvement and amount of work at the UN
  • we can now better understand that organization
  • gained insight as to functions, levels, duties and role of the UN NGOs
  • better understood the efforts of the people who promote a need for a concerted awareness of the global plight of so many individuals whose lives are in disarray

A Sunday morning mass celebrated by Father Roque centered around the theme of mercy brought the retreat to a close. The four part singing was most uplifting. Mary Schmid was then joyfully welcomed into the Martha Associates. No one departed for home before enjoying fellowship over one of Lynne’s lovely lunch creations.

Submitted by Annella Wehlage and Ina Boyden