Martha Associates November 27th Meeting, Lethbridge, AB

Thirteen were present on this rather chilly Lethbridge evening. Our meeting began in chapel as usual but this night we took turns praying the Glorious decades of the rosary. To begin we sang the beautiful well known hymn Immaculate Mary and since this was the first Sunday in Advent, ended with O Come, Divine Messiah. Our meeting then continued in the large gathering space.

Items on the agenda:

  • donations to our Christmas project were turned in
  • the December Christmas potluck plans were finalized and the Syrian family who will be our guests this year is providing special anticipation and yes,Yuletide joy!
  • Informed of the sign up sheet available as to who provides snacks for the following meeting and a special thanks to Barbara Spiess who had taken this task in hand for the past number of years
  • January meeting agenda

Brian and Sharon Wright took turns narrating their very interesting personal stories which gave us a glimpse into their individual journeys first as young people then as a married couple. Their faithfulness to God, to each other, their families, friends and neighbors was not lost on anyone.

For our January meeting, Sister Josephine will be responsible for the “hands prayer”, Mary Schmid will present the story of Saint Brother Andre and Annella who is presently traveling in India, will regale us with tales from her three week adventure to that faraway country. We look forward to that!

Special snacks, tea and coffee were then enjoyed by all and brought our evening of prayer and fellowship to a pleasant close.

Ina (Associate Scribe)