Sydney Mines Reception & Meeting

Our monthly meeting on Feb.1st was bitter sweet. We were saddened to learn that Sister Claudette’s sister had died suddenly the day before, having just lost her husband to death just three weeks prior. We continue to hold Sister Claudette in our prayers and invite you to do the same. On the same day we invited Sister Clarine O’Leary to our meeting so we could say a proper farewell to her, since moving to Sydney after spending 24 years at St Clare Convent. It was so nice to have her back. We miss her but wish her well at her new residence in Sydney.

On a much happier note we were delighted to receive three new associates who have been  journeying  with us for quite some time……namely  Harry Blinkhorn, Norma Blinkhorn (Mr. and Mrs.) and Mary Hall. We are delighted to have them joins us. They bring many gifts, wit and wisdom to our group. It was also nice to have our co-coordinator Julia Townsend with us to share in the ceremony. It is always a pleasure to have her.

Oh dear! How could I have forgotten to tell you about a very special tradition we have established in our group. Once a year we honour deceased members by naming each one, lighting an individual candle and singing a blessing. It is a very touching time.

We ended with prayer followed by many congratulations to our ” new folks”,  welcoming Sister Clarine and enjoying our happy time of ” tea and chat.”

Let us continue to pray for each other and for all who have asked us for prayers.

God bless!!
Georgie Edwards