Sydney Associates Meeting, March 8 2017

We met on Wednesday, March 8 for the first time since January, having been storm-stayed at home in February on the night of our meeting and it was great to get together.  We welcomed a speaker, Reverend Robert Lyle, from upstairs literally – as we hold our meetings in a beautiful, cozy little room in his church, that being Bethel Presbyterian Church in Sydney.  After we went over some business, Rev. Lyle joined us and gave us a talk about his work with the church and his journey with God and his faith.  Very interesting.

Sydney Martha Associates with guest speaker, Rev. Robert Lyle of bethel Presbyterian Church.

We had a fine meeting and ended it on a high note with a delicious lunch provided by Donna and Julie.

And speaking of journeys, we would like to extend our welcome to Norma Blinkhorn, Harry Blinkhorn, and Mary Hall, journeyers themselves with the Marthas who were received last month into the Sydney Mines Associates.  Welcome and congratulations!

Now, be the good Lord willin’, as Tommy Hunter always said, we’ll be back to meet in April.

Mike Finigan