Fifteen of us attended the meeting Sunday, Oct. 22 which began with Caroline leading a beautiful PRAYER OF ACCEPTANCE and closed singing the hymn Immaculate Mary in gratitude for keeping our three Sisters and their home safe. Tuesday evening, hurricane force winds had fed a rapidly moving grass fire in the coulees right behind the Retreat Center. Too close for comfort, the flames leapt hungrily right up to the grass on their property, licking at its edges! Sisters Theresa, Josephine and Josie each told their own emotionally charged stories of how they fled their home in a matter of minutes. It was a night to praise God for His mercy and His saving power!

We decided to once again assist the Catholic Central High School with fundraising to purchase Christmas hampers for needy families.

Our Twilight Retreat will be held Saturday, Dec. 4th from five to  nine and our spirited annual Christmas party was set for Friday, Dec.15 at 5 PM.

Regarding our September end retreat with facilitator Bishop Weisner, we shared what parts of his message most resonated with us and discussed what might we do to keep it alive in our Associate program this year.  As a follow up, we have decided to read the Document called DECREE ON THE APOSTOLATE OF THE LAITY. What is the role of the laity in the church and what does it mean to be a Christian at a time when there is a great separation taking place between the world and the Gospel message? Sister Theresa will provide the booklets and in the months ahead, we all look forward to lively and fulfilling conversations in our group!

Associates Annella and Stephanie along with our Lethbridge hospital Chaplain, Fr. Alphonse Narisetty are heading once again to India for the month of November.. They will again visit his family and do some touring together. To wish them all God speed, we sang them the blessings of the Lord to keep them safe.

Ina Boyden, Associate Scribe