St. Clare, Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Our monthly meeting was held on Wednesday November 1, 2017.  There were 15 members present along with a guest speaker Marjorie Serafinus.  Colleen introduced our guest speaker.  Harry did a prayer reading “Are You Listening.”

The reading gave us some thoughts about how seasons change and how we can change.  Following the prayer reading there was a reflection.  Several members joined in the discussion.

Sister Claudette gave a short insight into the works of the Martha’s.  Marjorie explained she was a widow at age 45 and had a young son to raise.  She was always a church going person, after a few times of being asked to become a lay minister and refusing, she finally agreed.  She strongly believes it was God calling her.  She has been a lay minister for 28 years and is presently working at Knox United Church in Glace Bay.  She read a passage where a man owed 100 thousand dollars to a King.  He asked the king for forgiveness which the King granted.  The same man was owed $10 by someone but was unwilling to forgive the debt.  If we have been hurt by someone else’s words, actions, untruthfulness we must forgive that person.  We must also be prepared to forgive forever.  Forgiveness is letting go of whatever may be holding us back.  If we chose not to forgive we will become a distant, hardened spite-full person and our life will not be fulfilled.

God has forgiven us many, many times.  It does not come natural to most people, but yet each time we ask God he does forgive.  If we refuse to forgive we hold on and carry around bitterness and we are not the kind of person God wanted us to be.  There is power in forgiveness.  We need to learn to be a forgiving person.  The hurt inflicted upon us will only stop after we stop talking about the hurt that was put on us by another person.

Marjorie gave us an example of animals in the wilderness apes, goats, monkeys, how they disagree but will settle their disagreement, except for a domestic cat, do we want to be compared to the domestic cat.  It takes a lot of energy to forgive.

In forgiveness is a sin.  Revenge is when we are hurt and will not forgive whom ever did the hurt to us.  It becomes difficult to trust again.  It takes a lot of energy to forgive.  Following the presentation there was a reflection.  We should be mindful of hurting others with our thoughts, words or actions.  We must always keep an open mind towards forgiveness.

Jake then presented Marjorie with a token of our appreciation.

Harry then informed us there are still a few sycamore’s left and thanked those who took one to give to a member.  Our next meeting will be held December 6th at 1:30 pm.  Advent will be the topic of discussion.

Meeting closed with prayer.

Respectfully Submitted by : Lola Tobin