Eskasoni Associates Welcome a New Associate

On Thursday, December 14th, 2017, a wonderful gathering was held to celebrate the reception of a new Martha Associate, Sheila Morris. Sheila has been journeying over the past two years, and the Sisters of St. Martha welcome her as an Associate.

Sr. Claudette Gallant, Director of Associates, as well as Julia Townsend, Co-Director of Associates were on hand to conduct the reception. Sr. Claudette presented an overview of the history of the Sisters of St. Martha, while Julia presented the history of the Martha Associates, the Mission, Vision and values of the Sisters of St. Martha and the importance of our Baptismal call.  Vivian Jeddore presented what it means for her to be a Martha Associate.

A wonderful lunch complete with lobster sandwiches and Lemon Chiffon dessert awaited us following the reception! Thank you to Sr. Gen and Sr. Catherine for a lovely evening!!