Christmas Gathering Sydney Associates

A lovely gathering of the Sydney Martha Associates was held at HERS on Dec. 6th, 2017. This is the second year that the Sydney group has enjoyed a Christmas Dinner at HERS. The name HERS stands for “Hands Earning Respect for Self”. It is a project of the Every Woman’s Centre. At HERS, women living on a low income are provided with the opportunity to work together in a non-traditional work environment to help: Increase social connections and support, Improve quality of life, Increase employability skills, earn income in the form of goods and services, and work in a community kitchen.

This year we enjoyed a lovely green salad to begin, Butter chicken with vegetables for the main course, and cranberry Christmas pudding with a warm brown sugar sauce. It was delicious. We have booked again for next year!!

Before and during supper, we were serenaded by our own Mike Finnegan on guitar, encouraging us to join in the singing of some timeless Christmas Carols!! We also enjoyed some Bible trivia, based on the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, challenging our knowledge of the Infancy Narratives!! As well, we were treated to some tasty punch provided by Julie Dzaich. Julie also surprised us with a lovely Santa sleigh, made for each of the 16 attendants! The sleigh was comprised of bars, candy canes and goodies!! Thank You Julie!!

The Sydney Associates wish all of our Associates and Sisters and very Blessed and Peaceful Christmas Season!!