Before launching into the summary of our January meeting, allow me to touch on the enjoyable annual year end Christmas gathering held at the Retreat Centre on December 15th. All our Lethbridge group members were graciously welcomed at the door by our beloved Sisters. Conversation and catch up over a glass (or two) of spirits was followed by a variety of festive pot luck dinner dishes and then, moving into the common room, a gift exchange ensued which took at least an hour leaving us with sore sides from the gaiety and laughter. Before we left for home, we joined  our hearts and voices in a carol singsong. The joy and goodwill of the entire Yuletide evening was not lost on anyone!

The first meeting of the New Year took place Sunday evening, January 28th. Evening prayer in chapel was followed by our speaker Dr. Michael Lane. Representing Lethbridge Community Covenant Health, he talked about various plans to promote and celebrate the 90th anniversary of St. Mike’s Health Centre in 2019 and was seeking volunteers for further ideas, promotion and assistance. Some Associates who had worked there years back showed interest. More info to follow.

Our reading assignment was to peruse the introduction and Chapter One of the DECREE ON THE APOSTOLATE OF THE LAITY (VATICAN 11) and so in groups of four or five, we enjoyed a rigorous and lively discussion on the various points found therein. Irene and Harry were our facilitators and guides. Insightful all group sharing wrapped up that part of our agenda.

Annella informed us of these items of interest:

  • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH, 9am to 5am, director Father Charles Pottie-Pate sj¬† LENTEN RETREAT DAY (God’s covenant with Humanity: A History of Mercy)
  • SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH, Sister Claudette and Julie Townsend will be bringing their gifts from the far East; the theme of their talk will be Carriers Of Our Charisms. We are looking very forward to that.Blessings from Ina, your Associate Scribe