Sr. Claudette Gallant and myself made our second trip together to Western Canada to visit the Sisters and Associates in Lethbridge! Needless to say…..we left Spring and found Winter!!! There was lots of snow and ice in Lethbridge, and it was cold!!! Thank goodness for my Canada Goose jacket!!

Julia, Sr. Josie, Sr. Claudette, and Sr. Theresa

We were greeted warmly by the Sisters who live in Lethbridge, Sr. Josie, Sr. Theresa, Sr. Josephine and Sr. Madeline!! We also had a warm welcome from the Associates who were able to make it to the meeting!

On the Saturday, Feb. 24th, I was able to participate in a Reflection Day for Lent. This was lead by Fr. Charlie Pottie SJ. The topic was “God’s Covenants with Humanity, and their relationship to God’s Mercy”. It was a day of silent reflection. It was attended by 8 Ladies. I felt blessed to participate in the sharing of the day!!

On Sunday evening, Feb. 25th, the Associates of St. Monica’s as well as the Associates from Martha Centre came together for the meeting with Sr. Claudette and myself! After an opening prayer and a short business meeting, Julia presented the Director’s report entitled “Martha Associates: Carriers of the Charism” This presentation will be given to all the Associate groups over the next few months.

During our visit, we discovered that there will be a celebration in Lethbridge in June to mark the 90th year of the Sisters of St. Martha being present in Lethbridge. A display will be set up in a local museum to honor the Sister’s presence and influence in the city of Lethbridge! Congratulations to the Sisters!!

Hope you enjoy a few of our pictures from last week’s visit!!

God Bless, Julia Townsend