About Us

Vatican II called for renewal, especially for re-evaluation of the role of laity in the church.  The Sisters of St. Martha embraced renewal whole-heartedly.  The congregation saw the need to reach out to the laity to help them cope with the changes in the Church.  The sisters explored the possibility of forming a group of Martha Associates.  In 1982 a director was appointed for this association.  In general people are continuing to join and it’s still a part of the ministry of the congregation.  At present we have approximately 100 Martha Associates across Canada.

Martha Associates are in relationship with the Sisters of St. Martha

Women and Men Who:

– are people of faith trying to be faithful and grow in living their Christian commitment.

– have a quality of “at homeness” with Marthas: attracted to, comfortable with, a similar vision

– are looking for a deeper spiritual life in community

– are willing to meet on a monthly basis

Sisters of St. Martha who

– are committed to this opportunity to grow in faith

– are willing to form a welcoming community

– have a deep appreciation of their own calling, their life and mission within the Marthas

– are open to mutual giving and receiving, with its blessings and challenges

– are caring and provide an atmosphere for dialogue

  Associates and Marthas say this experience